Consolidation warehouses


  • All kinds of cargo marking and packaging for export to the Russian Federation and other countries.
  • Consolidation of cargo from all regions and delivery by sea, air or road, including groupage shipments. We pick up cargo from anywhere in Europe, accept shipping containers and air deliveries from all over the world.
  • The best fare for direct flights from Bulgaria to Moscow at prices from € 1.25 per kilogram. Group loads, at prices from € 215.
  • Responsible storage of your goods, distribution of parcels and delivery of parts, checking the availability and quality of goods, search for manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Special offer for European manufacturers of clothing and cosmetics and exports to Russia: We take the cargo from anywhere, consolidate it in small batches, mark it in accordance with all requirements, send it with direct flight, optimizing Your logistics costs.

    Cargo storage, marking and labeling:
    Responsible storage, consolidation, pallet per month - from 45 €
    All types of labeling and re-labeling of goods and packaging intended for the Bulgarian / European market or for export to the Russian Federation, including:

            > labeling of each item or load - from 0.05 € / pc

            > labeling on packages or pallets, labeling of contents in packaging - from 0.25 € / pc

            > labeling with special labels and markings (RFIDs, barcodes and other types) for clothing,

               shoes, perfumery, equipment, food and other goods.

            > re-labeling of goods and loads - depending on the type of cargo and requirements.

    Technical and document processing of goods for subsequent deliveries to Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe

            > Registration of all necessary permits, import and export from and to Europe, import and export from and to Russia at the best prices.


For regular shipments to Russia and EU countries, as well as to our regular customers

BONUS> package labeling for free!

  •  We are always ready for dialogue and open to new solutions.
  •  You are importing goods from Europe or exporting to Europe - we will advise you on all available issues as soon as possible, we will prepare all the permits for you, we will find the goods you need, we will consolidate the cargo from different parts of the world, we will mark according to your requirements, we will deliver or send cargo under our or your contract and we will deliver it to your door.

      Optimization of your expenses and guaranteed  storage of your cargoes.

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